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I love my dog more than anything else. Although he makes me unhappy sometimes with his naughty behavior, he is my darling. I love cajoling him in every possible way. I can do anything to offer my lovely pet the best protection.


I can go to any extent to make him a well-behaved pet. I always focus on teaching him the right manners and how to avoid the wrong ones. It is hard to live with a dog having bad behavior. Safety of the pet is a very important aspect.


You can find many devices on the market that help you control unwanted behavior in a dog. You need to buy the best one to reinforce good behavior and ensure safety. Most of the advanced products are digital, electronic, or ultrasonic products. You can term them as doggy devices.


What are the benefits of using these products? Have you ever thought about the advantages seriously?


Ultrasonc Barking Devices


Some dog breeds bark more than others. If you have a dog that keeps on barking at every type of noise, you may feel disturbed and irritated.


Barking is a timely weapon that a dog needs to use at the right time. If your dog doesn’t know this art and his barking creates a nuisance, you need to reinforce training.


Bark collar


Most people use voice commands to assist in reinforcing barking in their pets. There are also devices that make the training effective. A bark collar is one of the most common products available today.


Chance-wearing-bark-collarA bark collar beeps and vibrates each time the dog barks. If you don”t want your dog to feel shocked, this is not the best device available.


Many pet owners want to convey to the dog that bad behavior is not acceptable in a gentler way. Although I tried a bark collar, I had to use voice commands as well.


The dog has to keep on wearing this collar for several hours a day until the excessive barking nature stops. My experience says that this product doesn’t work. With regular use, some dogs may turn resistant to vibrations and beeps.


Since it didn’t bring me any special benefits, I kept on searching for a better one. The photo to the left shows Chance wearing his bark collar above his normal collar.


When I was busy with my social media activities, I found an advertisement for a handheld barking control device known as BarxBuddy. I found the ad very interesting. On an intuitive base, I decided to purchase this product manufactured by a company called Euronte.


I was searching for a more humane product after using the shock collar. My humane approach doesn’t allow me to support this type of barking training device.


What Is Barxbuddy?


What is BarxBuddy? Some of you might have seen the advertisements on the internet or TV. If you don’t Barxbuddyknow anything about this product, I must tell you that BarxBuddy is a handheld dog barking training device that assists you in correcting the bad behavior of your dog. It is a very portable device due to its lightweight design and compactness.


A Whistle Shifts the Focus of the Dog


Producing a whistle or a high-pitched sound like a whistle that is audible to your dog only, BarxBuddy makes the training effective. Many people are using this training tool nowadays.


The whistle gives a warning to your dog and makes him conscious of the behavior. The attention of the dog changes while hearing the sound. As it keeps on happening, your dog will stop the bad behavior.


This device doesn’t cause any harm to your dog. It is a very good choice for any dog breed. The sound does not create any negative impact on the mind or body of your dog. The unwanted habits are eliminated fast as well.


Working as an animal-friendly bad habits breaker, the BarxBuddy device has become a favorite tool of a large number of pet owners. Excellent ease of use can be associated with this product.


How Does A Barxbuddy Work?


You can describe BarxBuddy as a point and shoot device. You don’t need to make any special effort to use this one. Whenever your dog shows some bad behavior, you have to point it at your pet and press a button. Your dog easily catches the ultrasonic sound that turns its attention.


You can expect the best results fast with BarxBuddy. It comes with a bright and powerful LED flashlight. You can use it as a fantastic flashlight while walking in the early morning or at night. For obstinate barkers, you can use this device to add visual motivation.


BarxBuddy is effective in preventing many undesirable behaviors such as barking and frequent chewing. You don’t have to worry about causing any injury to pets, humans and other animals. When your pet begins barking, you should go to him. There is no need to scream. Screaming makes the dog disturbed.


Barxbuddy-LEDGo close to your dog and point the BarxBuddy directly at your dog. The BarxBuddy must be pointed at him and, the button should be pressed to make the ultrasonic sound.


If you go closer, the dog may step back and sit down. This method reinforces your instructions and training.


The LED light can be utilized to add visual incentive to the audio output for more obstinate dogs. As you find your dog calming down, you must release the BarxBuddy sound and/or light buttons to allow the dog to settle down for a few minutes. If your pet starts repeating the bad behavior, you need to utilize the device again.


When your dog displays a good behavior, you need to reinforce them by giving enough attention. Praising and offering favorite treats are good options. This reaction helps you convey the message that you are happy with this behavior.


You need to keep BarxBuddy at your disposal all the time so that it can be used immediately to offer the right training or to avoid an embarrassing situation.


Electric Fencing Can Be Used To Contain Dogs



Many people use electric fencing to contain their dogs secure and safe within their property. I am aware of the benefits of electric fencing.


However, I have my own reservations. Other people, as well as animals, can have access to your pet even when there is an electric fence.


This type of fencing is an alternative for people who have to deal with several community restrictions when it comes to installing a fence. Some people won’t be able to afford the expenses of installing a wall around the property.


It is needless to say that electric fencing offers many advantages. You can easily teach your pet the boundaries. Your dog won’t create a mess by intruding on someone else’s property. These are the only reasons that make me feel that the electric fence is a good choice.


Another reason that forces me to support electric fencing is that my community lays down certain restrictions on building fences.


Having said that; the disadvantages never make me happy. I strongly believe that electric fencing does not offer the best protection for a dog in the long run. For example; training is a must. Training can prevent your dog from leaving your property yard, but it is not going to safeguard your dog from intruders.


FencesMany dogs get unhappy and disturbed when they see other dogs roaming around freely. Even very sociable and friendly dogs get frustrated when they aren’t be able to greet the people or dogs who approach them.


The modern electric fences offer an audible warning before the electric impulse. Your pet has to learn fast to respond positively to the beep to stay guarded against the shock. The shock aspect is not acceptable to me. I am too humane for that.


The electric fence is not going to protect your pet if the power supply is interrupted. If the battery in the collar of the dog doesn’t work, your dog can bypass the fence.


You can find two types of electric fences, namely underground wireless fences, and physical electric fences. You have to make the final decision. I would prefer to construct a regular fence around my property so that my dog can move around freely and get some exercise without making any compromise on safety.


Microchipping Is Not A Bad Choice At All


Do you use a microchip on your dog? If you haven’t used it till now, you must do it immediately. It is a well-known fact that one in every three pets gets lost at a certain point. You should not let this happen to your pet.



I always give great importance to microchipping. Installation of a chip is not a big task. It can be done in a few moments.


The benefits are amazing. You can give the best protection for your companion. It is hard to find a better way to recover a stolen or lost pet.


A microchip refers to a radio-frequency identification transponder. This chip has a unique identification number. As the name suggests, the size of a microchip is the same as the size of a rice grain.


On being scanned by a shelter or vet, the microchip transmits the ID number. You don’t have to worry about any power or battery. This device is inserted under your dog’s loose skin between the shoulder blades.


Your vet performs the injection of a microchip. It can be done as easily as administering the vaccination. The microchip has a registration number. It also comes with the phone number of the registry for the chip brand.


To read and display the chip radio frequency, a handheld scanner is used. The shelter or vet clinic that discovers your dog can get in touch with the registry to find out your name, address, and phone number.


Chip registration is inevitable. You will receive the registry information when your dog is micro- chipped. If you don’t provide the correct information, there is no benefit of using a chip. You need to update the contact information if there is a change in address.



Get Rid Of Lost Dog Obsession With GPS Tracking Devices


A GPS tracker can offer you some stunning benefits. If you want to know what your dog is doing when you are away, you can use this device. Working as a tracker, the Fi Smart collar dog tracker keeps your dog in the backyard. Tracking can be done 24/7.




The GPS technology is employed in the Fi device to spot your dog. You can find the collar waterproof and highly durable as well. No matter whether your pet is in the ocean or land, this device works with the same efficiency.


Learn More About The FI Smart Collar Dog Tracker 


Using the Global Positioning System, a tracker establishes communication with the satellites to spot your dog. This device can be attached anywhere you prefer unless it makes the dog irritated.


FitBark-GPSAdvanced trackers utilize smartphones and/or websites or apps for the users to check. The GPS tracker offered by FitBark, a highly renowned company is capable of even tracking the health of your dog. Two versions of this tracker are available. One version is restricted to use in the USA only. The second version is available for people all around the world.


This tracker is a very small one with high durability and comfort level. The battery lasts for weeks. You can use the international version in any part of the world including 140 countries. This device is compatible with smartphone apps.


I would definitely recommend this device for any dog owner who wants to offer the best protection and safety for their pets.


A Good-Mannered, Disciplined, And Safe Dog


You have to buy smart doggy devices to teach dogs good manners and offer them the best protection and safety. If you want to avoid the constant barking nature and other types of bad behaviors of your dog, you can definitely consider buying a product like BarxBuddy instead of choosing a conventional bark collar.


When it comes to offering protection, electric fencing is not a bad choice. However, it has its own limitations. You need to use microchipping to ensure the best protection for your pet. A good GPS tracking device such as FitBark helps you locate your dog smartly and easily.


The bottom line is that you have to make use of smart doggy devices to teach your dog good behavior and provide him with the best protection and safety.


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All the best!


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