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Is your best furry friend getting gnarly looking? Hair hanging down over their eyes. Are his/her teeth gross looking and their breath stinky?


Are your dog’s nails too long? Are his/her ears full of yucky, crusty stuff? If so, it’s time for your dog to be groomed.


Did you know grooming improves your dog’s health? You should groom your dog on a regular basis to avoid potential health issues.


The Basics – All You Will Need!


Bathing and brushing your dog should be done regularly, even with dogs who have very short hair. Bathing is always important to keep your dog clean.


When it comes to brushing, this not only eliminates matting and tangles in long-haired dogs but it also massages and stimulates them.


Trimming nails not only assures that your dog will not get infections in their paws but long nails cause other issues such as scratching the owner, tearing furniture fabric and car seats and putting pulls in your carpet pile.


You should clean your dog’s teeth, eyes and ears. When doing so, be gentle because; just like humans, some dogs do not like being poked and prodded either.


Teeth-cleaningFor instance, when I try to clean my dog’s (Chance) teeth, he wants none of it!  He figits and pulls his head away. When cleaning teeth, look for tartar.


Try to reduce further occurrences by brushing each day and use chewing products that help eliminate tartar. Some treats will do this.


If you are cleaning eyes, use wipes that are specifically made for cleaning eyes. Dog’s accumulate a lot of goop in their eyes, so make sure you wipe thoroughly. Gunk in your dog’s eyes can cause infections.


Cleaning your dog’s ears are absolutely imperative. Check for redness inside the ear because this could indicate signs of infection.


Dog’s can accumulate lots of dirt and grime in their ears. This also can cause infections if left unattended. Do not use Q-tips. They can cause damage to the eardrum. They also push dirt and crut further into the ear canal.


You Should Groom Often – How Often Is Often?



Grooming should occur at least every five weeks depending on the type of dog you have. With my Chance; because his hair is short, he doesn’t need a cut, he just gets a bath and nail trimming.


If he gets smelly and his nails gnarly, that’s how I judge when it’s time for him to be groomed. It could be different for your dog though.


If your dog has oily skin, they can collect a great deal of dirt on their bodies. Skin infections and rashes can occur, so give them a bath more often.



Some dogs shed extremely. Brushing and bathing more often is essential.  Ignoring this will result in your dog having serious matting issues.  problems to deal with.


So you ask “How often is often?” Check out this YouTube video made by TLC Groomers. Do what’s right for your dog.


Doing Grooming At Home – What You’ll Need



If you groom your dog at home, dog it right. You will need certain essential equipment. At the least you should have the basics; such as buzzers, shears, scissors, brushes, shampoo, conditioners, a blow dryer, cleaning solution for ears, nail clippers, some sort of table to work from and obviously you’ll need a bathtub. Also you can use a doggy deodorant to keep your dog smelling clean and fresh.


Know Your Groomer – Your Dog Will Feel More Comfortable


If you prefer to have your dog professionally groomed, you should choose a groomer that you can trust to put your dog at ease. Because if your dog is anxious, it doesn’t make for great grooming experience for your dog or the groomer.


If you have to medicate your dog relax them in preparation, that isn’t such a great idea either. Your dog will feel the effects if the medication well after the grooming is over.




I found a groomer that cared for my previous dog (Gidget). She was wonder with her.  She had a way of getting her relaxed and that made it was easier for her to be groomed.


After Gidget passed and I rescued Chance, I continued to use her (Tara & Cindy) because I know their personalities now and most importantly, I trust them to take great care of Chance.


Together they have over twenty years of experience in the dog grooming business. I recommend them to all of my dog parent friends. For anyone in my area of NJ, Tara and Cindy’s business name is Cutie Pawtootie. You can google them or find them on Facebook.





Splish, Splash, I’m Taking a Bath!


I talked about cleaning ears, eyes and teeth in a previous paragraph but we haven’t yet discussed one important area of the dogs body that requires extra care.


After bathing your dog; whether it be at home or the groomer’s, attention should be paid the the back end. I’m referring to the butt and private parts. The hair around these areas should be shaved very close to provide adequate ventilation and avoid bodily waste getting caught up in these areas of the dog’s body.




Healthy, Happy and Clean Dog – Inside and Out


Proper grooming and hygiene are essential for keeping your dog healthy.  Make sure your dog is groomed on a regular basis to prevent disease, especially from fleas, ticks and mites. Check with your groomer to see how often your specific dog should be groomed.



I would like to hear from you regarding the information presented here. You may leave your questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.



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